About Get Cash n Go

For the past several years, Get Cash n Go has been involved in providing short term loans from 100+ lenders for you to those who are in need of money now. The only states we do not service is New York, Vermont and West Virginia. Our goal is to make sure that consumers get the money they need now, for whatever reason they may need these funds.

Why Choose Get Cash n Go

There are numerous reasons why our customers keep coming back to us for their short term loan needs and why consumers suggest us to their friends and family:

Improve your Credit

Bad credit? No credit? At Get Cash n Go, we let the credit bureaus know who has been paying their payments on time. Thus, through using Get Cash n Go, a consumer can increase their credit score, a huge benefit to those who may have less than great credit scores.

Customer Appreciation

To Get Cash n Go, every customer is a person, not just a customer number. Thus, we try to work with each individual consumer to find a short term loan that is going to fit their repayment ideals and still meet their current financial needs. This is why many of our first time customers turn into repeat customers, who are happy with their short term loans.

Fast, Easy Application Process

The process for applying for one of our short term loans is rather easy, as basic information is only needed., as well as expected income. Most people can find out if they are approved within a short time frame. Making Get Cash n Go a much easier option than utilizing an old fashioned bank lender. If we need more information to finish your application we can easily give you a call to finish this up via phone. In many cases, funds can be put straight into your account in one business day.

Whether you need a short term loan in order to cover an unexpected automotive expense or an unexpected medical bill, you have the power to get this with ease via Get Cash n Go. Our attention to detail, and knowing who our customers are is what makes us stand out from the numerous other short term loan lenders on the market.

If you are in need of money now, and need it fast, then Get Cash n Go is the only true choice you have!