Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know what auto title loan is?

Auto title loan refers to the secure type of loan when the car of the borrower represents equity.

What’s the meaning of a “lien free” title?

“Lien free” means that the owner owns the car directly and does not have any obligations to reimburse the loan borrowed to purchase the vehicle. In other worlds, ‘lien free’ denotes that the car is not the collateral.

What are the advantages of applying to

Because this financial product is very popular, we do our best to connect you with a lender who may be able to provide you with the loan you need. We try our best to make this deal pleasant and beneficial experience for you. We try to remove all unpleasant circumstances and deliver flawless service to the customers.

What is the procedure based on?

The decision is made on the basis of the information you provide in your application. The lender decides upon the size of the loan. After this, the stage of negotiation follows when the terms are discussed. The lender verifies the data provided by the client and transfers cash directly to the borrower’s account.

What data should I provide?

We want to make sure that you are 18 or older, have a car and it is lien free. We also need to get your driver’s license and car insurance information.  In case you are a military, you should provide details on your status in the army. We will need documents to prove the information you share.

Do you provide monetary assistance to bad credit customers?

Yes, we help bad credit customers as well. We have to make credit check but its goal is not to reject the client. It does not affect anything. We just want to see the whole picture clearly before approval.

Do I have to be the owner of the car if I apply for the loan to you?

If the car is not in your name, we are not able to provide loan to you. The car should belong to you officially. Only then you can get the loan from us. There are cases when cars belong to many owners. In this case you should contact us and we will discuss the problem.

Will I be approved for the loan if I am employed?

You should be employed and have income to get the loan. The chances increase in case you work and have steady income.

Do you provide loans to disabled customers?

Yes, we do. We make sure first that the customer is able to reimburse and then provide the loan. Disabled people get social security checks regularly and this is a regular source of income as well.

Is it possible to know for certain that I am approved?

There is no such guarantee before you fill out the application form. We should also decide upon the condition of your car to find out if it is worth to be equity.  The car should not be old, it should belong to you and you should have stable income.

What is the size of your loan?

The amount of the loan begins from $2,500. The maximum sum is $50,000. The size of the loan depends upon the range of factors including the condition of the car.

How fast can I be approved?

The approval does not take much time.  The application request takes several minutes, then the negotiation stage follows, which is certainly more time-consuming, but we try to finish the procedure as soon as possible.

Is it possible to return my title?

If you want to do it, you should reimburse your debt. The title will be yours after you repay the whole sum.

Is this financial product worth using?

Many people find such opportunity fantastic. Not all can rely on credit score but there is a car at your disposal that you can offer to secure a loan. This is beneficial for both sides. You do not lose anything. Just your title becomes a title with a lien.

What is the amount of the interest rates?

We admit that our interest rates are costly in comparison with rates of traditional banks. However, we provide loans for customers with poor credit score as well. Taking into account this fact, our rates are not that high. You should also understand that interest rates vary and can differ considerably in different lending companies.

How can I be sure that my personal data is absolutely safe?

You may not worry on the subject. We have taken all necessary measures to protect your private information. This is done with help of the latest technologies. We on our part do not share your personal information with other companies, so the third party does not get your contact info. Concluding agreement with us, you will deal with us only without any intermediates.

In what way should I pay after I take out loan from you?

Each customer should repay in accordance with schedule that is offered and discussed with the client beforehand. There can be different schedules and the person is free to choose the most convenient one. He can also use different methods of payment to reimburse the loan.

Is it possible to repay the loan before the due date?

Yes. You can repay the loan faster than it was planned. We are glad to get the repayment at any time before the due date. If that happens, the person will be able to get his title back.

Who is the owner of this website?

This website is owned by Nesmetaju LLC and operated by, which offer different financial products. That means that you deal with the lender directly and do not deal with intermediaries who want to earn on you.

What should I do to begin the procedure?

If you want to use our service, you should just fill out the form. It is very easy. Soon after you spend several minutes on it, submit it and wait for the response and you will know for sure whether you are approved or not.