Gold Buying

Get Cash and Go offers fast cash for you. Gold buying service can be helpful for all those who need instant cash advance.

If you have unwanted gold jury or some gold items, which were broken, you can get money immediately for them. Why keep unwanted and broken gold at home if it can serve you at the moments of emergency? You can trust the company Get Cash and Go that offers the most beneficial terms for you. This is also the place where you can get rid of your unhallmarked gold. Gold buying services can be found at the most convenient locations for comfort of our customers. You can rely entirely upon the company – there are no better ways to sell gold at some other place.

If you have rings with missing stones, chains with broken lockets, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, gold coins, bent golden jewelry and other precious things that you can’t wear any longer for some reasons or just do not like these pieces you can use them for your benefit.

How it works

You can get money immediately at the gold buying locations if you sell gold jewelry, which you do not need any longer. You can bring any damaged and old accessories of precious metals.

Gold Buying Rates

We buy all kinds of precious metals at Get Cash and Go. You can bring gold, silver and platinum.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section was specially developed for you to clear up the key issues as you try to get cash advance selling precious metals.