At what price can I sell my gold jewelry?

The present rates for precious metals can vary depending upon the conditions on the market but you may not doubt that they are the good in the country. Just drop in to find out. We accept gold items at different locations so you can choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

How the ultimate cost is counted? What price can I rely on?

The ultimate cost is counted on the basis of weight, current price and number of karats, contained in gold items you want to sell. The value of gold things is determined by specialists who assess the jewelry immediately. You do not have to leave them at some spot and wait for answer long. Required professionals are at your disposal on working hours. We are very accurate with figures. The rates are usually liked by all our clients. Many of them decided to deal with Get Cash and Go after they applied to other gold buying companies, so the rates are competitive.

What metals do you accept in addition to gold?

Alongside with gold our gold buying company is ready to acquire other precious metals as well. You can also bring precious jewelry of platinum and silver.

How fast can I get my cash if I agree to sell jewelry?

It is possible to get money for purchased items without delay. You will receive money immediately. This alternative is preferred if you look for urgent cash advance. It lets you save on rates and do not care about repay later.

Is it possible to sell damaged jewelry pieces at your company?

If you have broken jewelry, you can bring these items to our spot without hesitation. No matter what the condition of broken things is, their approval for purchase is almost guaranteed. The rates are beneficial. You will not regret about your choice. Many people who came were pleasantly surprised with the service and result.