Frequently Asked Questions

When you get payday loan for the first time, not everything can be clear. Frequently Asked Questions can clarify some points for you:

Can customer get money fast?

Customers can get cash advance almost immediately when they apply to the loan lender. The person can be approved either at the end of the meeting with a loan manager or in half an hour after you submit your application online.

Does lender perform credit check?

We do not perform credit check and this allows us to provide payday cash fast and easily.

Do you guarantee personal privacy when financial data is provided to you?

You can read our privacy policy to make sure that our principles of work will not harm your reputation in some way. All data you deliver to us (either in the office or online) is well protected. We do not share it with the third party.

What should the customer expect if he does not repay the loan on a due date?

The person should pay a late fee in this case. The loan should be reimbursed on the appointed day to avoid the fine. Much depends also upon your location because there are different rules in different states. There can be alternative solutions as well but you will have to contact the representatives of the company and discuss the issue with them.

How is debt collected by the lender?

We act in accordance with the legal base of the state and the country. We also rely upon the Fair Debt Collection Policies Act in our work.

Can I extend the loan in case I am not able to repay it on a due date?

It also depends on your location. The law of the state regulates this. If you want to extend your loan or renew it, it is advised to apply to the manager of the lending company and consult the team. Only the representative of the company can inform about the additional fee so you will have to contact the company anyway.

Can my application to the loan lending company harm my credit score?

The credit score is reduced only if you do not reimburse your payday loan. You put your sign under the agreement and have to carry out its terms. If you do everything properly, nothing can spoil your reputation and decrease your credit score.

Where should I apply for more details about cash advance?

Contact our company or come to the lending shop for additional explanations. Our welcoming managers are always ready to help you to choose the most reliable lenders who deliver the good terms for their clients.