How do it Works?


Paycheck loans are designed to be as simple as possible so that you can get your cash fast. At Get Cash & Go we understand that people who need a cash advance are usually looking at a few other late bills and can’t afford to wait around for their money, so we make our application process as streamlined as possible so you can get in and out in the shortest time possible.


The process starts with the application. You can fill this out at one of our storefronts or online depending on which is more convenient. This application only asks for a bit of basic information like where you are applying from, what kind of income you have, how much money you need, etc. this will help us determine what kind of loan you are able to manage. Different states also have different limits on how much money paycheck loan companies can lend out. States like NY, AR, VT and WV do not allow these kinds of loans so unfortunately these requests cannot be processed.

Get Cash & Go does not ask for a credit score with your application. These take a long time to check which limits how quickly we can get your money back to you. It also prevents some people who have been through hard times like bankruptcy from getting loans they might need.


Once your application has been filed it is processed by one of our staff. We try to get this done in no more than 24 hours for your convenience. Once your application is approved you will be given the money for your loan. You can use this money however you please once it has been deposited into your account. You will get all the information you need about your payment schedule at this time. Once your next paycheck comes you can pay your loan back and get yourself out of debt. As long as you make the payments you agreed to on time getting a paycheck loan will not hurt your credit score or your ability to get another loan in the future. This includes other types of loans like mortgages or car loan.

Frequently Asked Questions More questions

  • Does lender perform credit check?

    We do not perform credit check and this allows us to provide payday cash fast and easily.

  • Can customer get money fast?

    Customers can get cash advance almost immediately when they apply to the loan lender. The person can be approved either at the end of the meeting with a loan manager or in half an hour after you submit your application online.