Rates & Fees

Though urgency is an important factor when you get payday loan, the amount of fee can also play its role. In some cases, the difference in fees can be substantial therefore it is worth spending time on it. After all, payday loan is not that cheap and the total amount of money that you have to pay can be a big load on your budget. If you find better rates, you can save some money.

The fee depends upon the requested amount of money. The fee is not high when you take out a small sum of money. In case the loan is big, the lender takes higher risks providing cash for you. The fee grows correspondingly with risk. Sometimes the customer is asked to prove monthly income before the loan is approved. In some companies, this information is not checked though the application includes this question. Such info helps the manager to decide if the customer is able to reimburse the loan.

If the client fails to repay the required amount on the appointed date, he/she is usually fined for that. However, some companies agree to extend the loan in difficult cases. Such questions are solved individually. If you want to avoid the excess fees, you should warn about your problems prior to the due date.

In case you submit another loan request for the loan for the second time and you repaid your first loan on time then better fee can be offered to you. Such customers have good reputation already so they have higher level of trust.

What is the good way to find out about the amount of money you can rely on? Just submit the application form and wait for the answer. Alternatively, you can contact the manager and ask this question directly. Get Cash & Co will answer you without delay!